Talk and Reading at Nelson Algren Museum

by Douglas Cowie on 14 August 2017

On 25 August I’ll be giving a talk and reading at the Nelson Algren Museum in Miller Beach, Indiana.  Below. find the museum’s announcement of the event, which also features the artist Frank Zirbel. Needless to say, I’m very excited to be talking about Algren in the museum dedicated to him.

Big news:  Douglas Cowie, author of Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago, a fictionalized account of the love affair between Nelson Algren and Simone de Beauvoir, will be passing through our town Friday, August 25 and has agreed to speak at the Nelson Algren Museum of Miller Beach at 7:00 pm. Unlike other accounts, the author spends much time describing Algren’s cabin on the lagoon, our dunes and Lake Michigan, Marquette Park and the Aquatorium. Copies of his book will be on hand for purchase and autographing.

A new artist will open that day. Frank Zirbel, whose visual work explodes with grotesque imagery on found surfaces, will speak about his collection “Algren(esque):  Characters from the Neon Wilderness.”  You may recognize Frank’s work from the Algren portrait collage displayed in the museum and on the T-shirt I have been wearing almost all summer(!).
So plan on visiting the Museum at 541 S. Lake Street in Miller at 7:00 pm — stroll through the Algren Pocket Park and come in the back door.  Entrance is $10.00.  Wine and 18th Street beer will be available for purchase.
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