Song of the Week: “The Walls Came Down” by The Call

by Douglas Cowie on 11 January 2019

Each Friday I pick a song–new, old, borrowed, blue–that’s been on my mind and in my ears, and write a short post about it.

This is “The Walls Came Down” by The Call:

There’s been a lot of bigly talk lately from some fascist about a wall and how it’ll magically solve all the hugely problems. A basic study of history will point your average wall enthusiast towards the conclusion that whatever they’re supposed to accomplish, walls don’t work. But it’s worth keeping in mind that some fascist doesn’t really care what a wall along the border between the United States of America and the Estados Unidos Mexicanos might or might not do; some fascist just wants to build it because he thinks demonizing the people on one side and trumping up a crisis that isn’t there and wouldn’t be fixed by concrete or steel anyway helps him consolidate his power on the other side. Some fascist and some other fascists that enable him are “just corporate criminals / playing with tanks,” and no wall is going to keep the people from Aztlán.

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