Song of the Week: “Oh, Me” by Meat Puppets

by Douglas Cowie on 17 August 2018

Each Friday I pick a song–new, old, borrowed, blue–that’s been on my mind and in my ears, and write a short post about it.

This is “Oh, Me” by Meat Puppets:

For no particular reason I found myself watching Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged” performance on YouTube last week, and ever since then I’ve had “Oh, Me,” which is one of the songs they play with the Meat Puppets, stuck in my head. This version is the original album version from Meat Puppets II. I also stumbled on this live version from 2009, which has some real sit up straight and listen guitar mayhem on it. If you’re not familiar with Meat Puppets, I recommend Meat Puppets II and Huevos, though I also have a soft spot for the album Too High To Die, which they released not long after their MTV appearance with Nirvana.

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