Song of the Week: “Dragoon” by Bitch Magnet

by Douglas Cowie on 9 June 2017

Each Friday I pick a song–new, old, borrowed, blue–that’s been on my mind and in my ears, and write a short post about it.

This is “Dragoon” by Bitch Magnet:

Last week I read Your Band Sucks: What I Saw at Indie Rock’s Failed Revolution (But Can No Longer Hear) by Jon Fine, the guitarist of Bitch Magnet. This book feels personally written for a teenager in the early 1990s who loved a lot of weird music, who became a college kid in the mid-nineties who loved an even bigger lot of even weirder music, who became a full-grown adult who still loves even more and often even weirder music, and who spends a huge amount of time listening to and playing music. Jon Fine feels the music he makes and listens to completely, and remakes that music’s meanings on the page with wit, intelligence and honesty, not only about what he loves, but also about what he doesn’t, even when the object is himself. The fact that he hates some stuff that I really love makes this book all the better: I reeled through the pages, agreeing with him, arguing with him, laughing and (almost) crying with him, and came out the other end with a renewed sense that those vibrating chords really do push through everything, and that’s the greatest thing you can know.

Also, Bitch Magnet is pretty awesome.

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